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IT Data Destruction

To replace and upgrade technology infrastructure it will be required to retire older IT assets including tapes, DVDs, and storage devices that are no longer needed and can be replaced or can be exchanged with new models. Old IT assets contain confidential company information that must be protected.

A defined process must be needed with some secure procedures for destroying obsolete IT assets. Without this process, the Organization may be at risk of regular penalties and also damage brand reputation. Once older assets are destroyed it needs to be considered a socially responsible way to dispose of E-waste. The destruction process must be eco-friendly and the process will be managed securely and conveniently.

Customers have regulatory requirements to observe and offer online destruction for certain assets that can be destroyed on your property rights.


  • Remove risk and reduce E-waste associated with outdated and end-of-life technology.
  • Information destruction through erasure, and physical destruction to securely sanitize old hard drives.
  • Ensure consistency and reliability from collection through final destruction.
  • Environmentally correct disposal of hazardous e-waste.
  • Critical information is not lost, or stolen in any way and needs strict security practices.

Low-value equipment can be managed in such a way that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and resources, minimize carbon footprint and provide benefits of positive brand recognition in order to improve green IT posture.