Certified IT Assets Disposition Services

Step into a new era of IT asset management excellence with our IT Asset Re-marketing Experts. We prioritize the security of your most sensitive data, employing cutting-edge protocols for confidentiality. Our streamlined process ensures efficient asset re-marketing, maximizing value while minimizing environmental impact. Embrace sustainability with our commitment to responsible IT asset disposal and recycling. Elevate your IT asset management – we safeguard your data and unlock beneficial opportunities.

Data Security

Ensure legal compliance as we buy your used computers—our Data Security Services guarantees secure data erasure, safeguarding your sensitive information.

Re-marketing Services

Maximize the value of your used computers using our reselling and refurbishing services, for cost recovery and sustainable practices.

Electronics Recycling

Opt for responsible disposal with our Recycling Service, minimizing electronic waste through environmentally friendly practices.

Managed Logistics

Experience seamless transactions with our Logistics service, handling the entire process efficiently as we purchase used computers from your company.

Expert Support to Reduce your IT costs and Help you Stay Compliant and Secure

Strategically positioned with a global presence, we boast a portfolio encompassing comprehensive environmental permits and certifications. As your premier one-source, full-service provider, we excel in secure and environmentally responsible IT asset recycling and disposal management.


Reasons why you should hire us

  • Secure IT re-marketing

    B2B Exports provides secure IT re-marketing, shielding your company from legal woes. Our robust data security practices minimize breach risks, ensuring protection from privacy violations. Corporations and governments all around the world trust us to prevent legal actions and imprisonment by prioritizing diligent data handling in their IT assets re-marketing.

  • Safeguards your reputation

    B2B Exports safeguards your reputation. Our meticulous practices ensure proper handling, mitigating environmental concerns and protecting against negative publicity. Trust us to shield your company's reputation and prevent harm through responsible electronic asset management.

  • Eco-friendly IT asset disposal

    B2B Exports provides eco-friendly IT asset disposal. Our responsible practices align with regulations, safeguarding company owners from penalties, including imprisonment, for improper disposal.

  • Compliance certificate to partnered companies

    B2B Exports offers a compliance certificate to partnered companies, assuming liability in case of data issues during IT asset re-marketing. This added assurance underscores our commitment to secure data handling and regulatory compliance.

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