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IT Re-Manufacturing

IT Asset Re-manufacturer to any activity carried to re-manufacture an Asset to restore full functionality with an intense focus on the performance and reliability of the laptop.

There are benefits to re-manufacture one you already have, employees become familiar with existing machines. However, the older an asset, the more maintenance will be needed in the future, leading to more downtime.

There is also the environmental impact to consider. By re-manufacture an asset, more resources are used in the construction. Cost also becomes a factor. All re-manufactured devices are sold to achieve carbon neutrality, helping businesses meet sustainability targets like Sustainable Development Goals, the Climate Change Act, and the carbon zero obligations set via the U.N.

Through the support of clean energy projects, we offset the Carbon dioxide emissions from the re-manufacturing process, enabling an immediate, positive effect so every laptop is a certified carbon-neutral product.

It has four major goals:

  • Extending the life of computers.
  • Deliver the global net zero carbon ambition.
  • Provide unique reporting on the sustainable and positive impact of assets.
  • Preventing useful IT from being prematurely thrown away.

We fully support the carbon credit market as a provisional mechanism to ‘internalize’ the true environmental cost of carbon emissions into economic activities.