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IT Re-Marketing

IT asset remarketing (or IT equipment) takes electronic devices that are no longer used, such as tablets, computers, or other valuable items, and sells them to ,buyers who are interested in using electronic equipment. If you’re working with a vendor who offers re-marketing services, if your equipment is able to be resold, you may get a “share” of the sales or credit back.

IT assets remarketing are mostly re-marketed including servers, hard drives, medical equipment, and consumer electronics

IT asset Remarketing provides a complete cleanliness process to ensure that data and other hidden storage media are completely wiped out. The process begins when ITAD technicians based on functionality, appearance, and overall condition of electronic goods can have the resale potential. Ensure complete erasable functionality, then they are cleaned, refurbished, and resold.

If you’re using a certified resale partner, all electronic assets that get resold are enumerated and tracked. Most vendors also provide complete and comprehensive audit reports to support compliance needs in order for data privacy and safety. This ensures proof of sanitation if you are ever audited.

Refurbish means replacing old components and checking parts that are essential for machine functionality. This brings the asset back to high functionality and elegant quality standards.

Depending on the size of your business, IT asset remarketing can be a major part of your IT asset disposition program (ITAD). This also maximizes the asset inventory.

In order to achieve a goal, this can be done by accessing IT costs with the cost of ownership(TCO). TCO is an extensive tool that takes into account both end-user expenses and hardware management over time. You can optimize TCO when you take advantage of credit share programs and re-marketing with your used IT equipment and gain money back from your IT assets.