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Assisting IT Professionals with an All-inclusive IT Recycling

B2B Exports LLC an experienced ITAD agency provides an all-inclusive IT recycling service for its IT professional clients. We understand IT departments of various businesses need to handle their old and excess IT assets. You can easily eliminate your discarded electronic media by hiring our dependable and secure ITAD services. We purchase your retired IT devices at a good price.

We understand that the reverse streams are large and diverse, and we offer the size, scale, depth, Refurbishment and remarketing capabilities required to handle them.

Secure Pickup and Transport

Our strict guidelines for packaging, collecting and transporting assets ensures a secure Chain of Custody while protecting you from unnecessary risk and expense.

Equipment Buyback/Revenue Sharing

Does B2B Exports buy old computers?

If you have over 100 NON-end-of-life items, or if your items are valued at more than $5,000 total, we may be interested in purchasing them. Our buyback program turns your assets into cash.

We also have a great downstream network of buyers, and can sell your equipment. Our revenue sharing program benefits everyone.

If you have an equipment list to submit for buyback or revenue sharing, Request a Quote today!