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ITAD & Electronics Recycling for Small Businesses

B2B Exports LLC offers robust processes and logistics, secure facilities, and scalable infrastructure to ensure convenience, dependability, security, and value for organizations in regulated and non-regulated private sectors.

With the information technology explosion, businesses have adopted a multitude of electronic devices to streamline and automate business processes. When this equipment has outlived its useful life for the business, disposing of it in a responsible - and profitable for the business- manner is the intelligent way to go.

We dispose of your end of life IT assets and private data in a secure and environmentally responsible way. Contact us and get the process started.

Data Security

B2B Exports LLC ensures that data-bearing devices are sanitized safely and properly. Drives that cannot be sanitized are shredded to prevent data recovery.

Equipment Buyback/Revenue Sharing

Does B2B Exports buy old computers?

If you have over 100 NON-end-of-life items, or if your items are valued at more than $5,000 total, we may be interested in purchasing them.We regularly make offers on pickups that we audit on-site. Our buyback program turns your assets into cash.

We also have a great downstream network of buyers, and can sell your equipment on consignment. Our revenue sharing program benefits everyone.

If you have an equipment list to submit for buyback or revenue sharing, Request a Quote today!